2016 Report outline - d. Software OS & web server - XML...

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2016 Report outline (Business process analysis) Deadline: 31 March 2010 1. Introduction and background information (at least 2 pages) a. Advantages of implementation (comparing with traditional system) 2. Gantt chart (1 page) 3. Business process analysis (refer to notes – Make)(at least 10 pages) a. Define users i. Users’ roles ii. Related activities b. Requirement analysis i. User requirements ii. What facilities should be provided and achieved? iii. Business model(ask Peter if there is any question) 1. B2C model(description) 2. Implication – pros and cons c. Overall flow chart i. Frame work (web page capture) - description ii. Detailed flow chart 1. Different users (user interface, eg. login, homepages after login…. .) 4. System design a. Key functions b. Key constructs i. In different user interface ii. Functions 5. H/S IT deployment strategies(10 pages) a. Current situation
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b. Infrastructure – RFID, reader(refer to notes – RFID) c. Computer hardware - computer , universal power supply
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Unformatted text preview: d. Software OS & web server - XML & ASP.NET(refer to notes XML) e. Networking (5 pages) i. Client/ server architecture(refer to notes - core tech. (entire notes)) ii. Hosting(refer to notes adopt) 1. Static IP 2. Domain name iii. Security firewall & anti-virus 6. Supply chain(physical)(P.12)(1 page) 7. Analysis(3 pages) i. SWOT(refer to notes adopt) ii. sustainability 8. System test and verification 9. Summary **please find the related tables in the E-commerce ppt from the lecture notes and fill in them. Add the corresponding tables to clarify the paragraphs of the reports. For the attached graphs, please dont copy directly from the notes, better find them yourself. www.imse.hku.hk/imse2016 green Tung Shing blue green Joanne blue Hing Yellow Yuki Deadline : 31 March 2010...
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2016 Report outline - d. Software OS & web server - XML...

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