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Networking Static IP is same as domain name The static IP address and the domain name are coherent. For instance , you can type the IP address in the web browser to get into the web you want , but you can also type the domain name with the same results. Making decision on host the server Nowadays, there are two main stream of hosting server. One is hosting the server by the user organization (in – house) or by a third-party ISP. 1. Cost Since the decision made would involve analyzing the cost of the building up the server and the overhead cost and analyzing the amount need to pay for the third-party ISP , a series of operational research and linear programming are needed to analysis.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore , one of the concerns is mainly on the cost. 2. Customer satisfaction The other decision making factor is that the level of customer satisfaction , as we should consider that doing a e-business is majorly depending on the speed and smoothness of browsing the web pages , so gaining the customer satisfaction needed a higher technology of server and good network. So, it is also a concern to choose whether 3P or in-house. 3.Database Security Security-firewall and anti-virus technique are also important that database servers store client detail, financial information and so on. Therefore, it is one of the important point to be noticed....
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