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Ch0.2 questions - BUSI1002R_ Introduction to...

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BUSI1002R_ Introduction to accounting_Ch.2_Questions P.1 Chapter 2 Analyzing and recording transactions (Discussion: Ex 2-10, Assignment: P2-3A, P2-4A) Exercise 2-10 Preparing an income statement On October 1, Diondre Shabazz organized a new consulting firm called Tech Talk. On October 31, the company’s records show the following accounts and amounts. Use this information to prepare an October income statement for the business. Cash Accounts receivable Office supplies Land Office equipment Accounts payable D.Shabazz, Captial $12,614 25,648 4,903 69,388 27,147 12,070 124,114 D.Shabazz, Withdrawals Consulting fees earned Rent expense Salaries expense Telephone expense Miscellaneous expenses $2,000 25,620 6,859 12,405 560 280 Problem 2-3A Preparing and posting journal entries; preparing a trial balance Jayden Lanelle opens a computer consulting business called Viva Consultants and completes the following transactions in its first month of operations. April
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Ch0.2 questions - BUSI1002R_ Introduction to...

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