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CLAR 120_Essay Prompt - CLAR 120: Paper Assignment Prompt...

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CLAR 120: Paper Assignment Prompt Due Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 Hard-copy (double sided preferred) to be passed in at the beginning of the class period. This assignment may not be emailed to the Instructor or TAs and may not be put into an online drop box on Blackboard. Please do not slide papers under office doors, as they will more than likely be lost. Late papers will be assessed penalties as appropriate. Overview and specifics: You will work in groups of 2, or alone if you prefer (please NO groups of more than 2). The paper should be 7-8 typed pages (whether working alone or in a pair), double spaced, 12 point, times new roman font, 1 inch margins. Please pass in one copy of the paper per group, with both names listed at the top in alphabetical order. The paper assignment will focus on students working together in order to synthesize the conceptual issues that we have dealt with in our survey of the growth of urbanization in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, and will apply these concepts specifically to our modern world. The assignment will also require you to critically read a document on modern urbanization and provide analysis of its contents. The prompt is very specific, so please read this entire document carefully before starting your project. Please use the following source as your starting point: Roger Auch, Janis Taylor, and William Acevedo. 2004. Urban Growth in American Cities: Glimpses of U.S. Urbanization (U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1252) (U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey) You may find this on Davis Library ebooks at: (or do a catalog search for the title) This article, published by the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Department of the Interior, gives a broad overview of the trends of urbanization in America over a period of roughly 225 years. It then focuses in on a few cities around the country to track urban growth in 2 recent decades, Raleigh-Durham being one of the cities used in the study. The paper must include and address the following elements: 1) A thesis statement . This is part of your opening paragraph that introduces your reader to the subject at hand and the argument that you will make in the following pages. You should keep this free of lofty opening lines that do not actually convey any information to your reader. The paragraph should tell your reader in a few clear sentences (2-3) exactly what the paper is about and very specifically (1-2 sentences) lay out the argument that you will make in the paper. This is your thesis statement. It is fine in this class to use the first person and to tell your reader directly what your
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CLAR 120_Essay Prompt - CLAR 120: Paper Assignment Prompt...

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