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Experiment 15 – Standardization of NaOH Spring 2010 Name Chelsea McMullen Lab Section 428 Point Summary (See Blackboard for detailed grading rubric) Superior Excellent Satisfactory Fair Poor Omitted Introduction •Purpose of Report 4 •Goals of Experiment 4 Materials and Methods 9 Results and Discussion •Description of data 4 •Data Tables 5 •Data Table Titles 4 •Graphs •Figure Captions •Sample Calculations 8 •Systematic Error 4 •Random Error 4 •Discussion of discrepancies 6 Other 4 Lab Technique 20 TOTAL POINTS 76 TA Comments/Suggestions: Need to have semester taking lab for complete reference to the lab manual.
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C HEMISTRY 102L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Standardization of NaOH 15 15 Introduction The purpose of this report is to use the data gathered while conducting several titrations of NaOH and KHP to determine the exact molarity of the prepared solution of aqueous NaOH. The objective of this experiment was to perform a number of titrations in order to determine the equivalence point between the primary standard, KHP, and aqueous NaOH. Using the equivalence point, the molarity of each solution was found, and all the solutions could be averaged together to find the molarity of the aqueous NaOH solution. The molarity was found for the NaOH solution to be used in Experiment 16: Identification of an Unknown Acid. Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from the UNC Chemistry102 Lab Manual, Experiment 15: Standardization of a Sodium Hydroxide Solution. The square 1-L polyethylene bottle containing the water that was prepared the week before was labeled 1.0M NaOH, 3/18/10, CLM. The NaOH solution was prepared by calculating the volume of 5.0M NaOH stock solution that was needed to prepare 1L of 0.1M NaOH, using the formula M 1 V 1 = M 2 V 2 . Once this value was found, the determined volume, 20 mL, was measured using a graduated cylinder and added to the square bottle of boiled water. The bottle was mixed well for five minutes to ensure complete mixing. The buret was conditioned by
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McMullen_exp15_graded - Experiment 15 Standardization of...

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