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Cultural Background Cultural Background Summary Brooke A. Sandage SOC 315 Dr. Randall Medeiros October 5, 2009 1
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Cultural Background Culture is a system of shared behaviors, customs, shared beliefs, and values which members of society use to deal with their surroundings as well as with one another. These characteristics are conveyed through learning from each generation. Culture enables people to understand how different groups are run and developed. Each culture is distinctive, there are no two cultures that are precisely like another, and however, many likenesses can be found. Some similarities noted are dedication to religion, families as well as to their own individual cultures. However, outweighing the similarities in cultures are the many differences. Some differences are personal and family values, hygiene, food eaten as well as the obvious differences in language. The culture that I have grown up in has shaped the way that I have lived my life in many aspects. My cultural background seems to be nothing too definable. I grew up with two middle-class divorced working parents. There was never a strong influence of
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Cultural Background Summary - Cultural Background 1...

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