Value of Diversity - Diversity 1 Value of Diversity Brooke...

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Diversity Value of Diversity Brooke A. Sandage SOC 315 Dr. Randall Medeiros October 24, 2009 1
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Diversity There is a great value to diversity in a work environment. With diversity comes understanding of others situations and viewpoints. When a conflict arises between diverse groups, it helps to have other individuals from diverse groups in order to solve the situation peaceably. This also enables a workgroup to come up with a wide range of ideas in order to promote a company and/or solve a situation. I work in an environment that does not involve a whole lot of diversity. Within my work environment there are three females, including myself, and one male. The one male is the head of the school, where only about twenty children attend, ranging in age from three years old to ten years old. The head of the school is there on rare occasions, but always seems to have input on how things are done. I find it hard to believe that he knows how things should be done since he is rarely there and has little experience with children. There was recently a situation that I feel would have been better resolved had there been a more diverse work group in the environment I work. The head of the school comes in to clean the cafeteria several days a week, since he is too cheap to pay for cleaning. He is always complaining about how the school needs to be picked up better than it is. This day, he was telling the female employees that there should not be such a mess left in the cafeteria after twenty children are done eating lunch. Let me tell you that
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Value of Diversity - Diversity 1 Value of Diversity Brooke...

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