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Communication and Collaboration Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Brooke A. Sandage GEN 200 Geoffry Moser September 8, 2009 1
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Communication and Collaboration In order for a team to communicate and collaborate effectively, every member of the team must focus on their individual strengths, within their own learning styles and personality types. There are many different learning styles that an individual can possess; however, in this paper I will discuss only three of them. The first learning style I will talk about is interpersonal. With an interpersonal learning style, an individual has the ability to see situations from others’ perspectives, communicate verbally and non-verbally, cooperate well within a group as well as create and maintain relationships. These are all great advantages to working within a team setting. The next learning style is the logical-mathematical style. An individual with this particular style is able to easily perform complex calculations, recognize abstract patterns, logically reason and discern relationships as well as connections. These abilities are great attributes in helping a team figure out different problems within a goal or team project. The third learning style I will discuss is the verbal-linguistic style. An individual that possesses this learning style enjoys writing and reading. They also have a great ability to communicate through language whether it is written or spoken. This style of learning also enables the individual to express themselves clearly as well as negotiate well with others. These attributes are great for a team that may need to do a lot of writing, and with the ability to express themselves, it also opens up communication.
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collaberation paper - Communication and Collaboration 1...

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