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Backup of media reaction paper - The media is a major...

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The media is a major influence in our everyday lives whether it be from radio, television or a newspaper. There is always diversity within the context of everything we see, hear and read, whether it is directly addressed or indirectly. Stereotypes are often used with regards to areas, race and religion. Sometimes, if we are fortunate, we can walk away from the information obtained from the media with a better sense and understanding of diversity and multiculturalism. Today I picked up a copy of the Washington Post, a newspaper I rarely get to read anymore. There is always talk of shootings and suicide bombers over seas. I read an article discussing the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize given to President Obahma, as well as the rocket that was purposely crashed on the moon, for what reason I am still not sure, tax payers money hard at work. But the one article I read that struck me as a great example of diversity in America was one in which University of Maryland students discovered that the University had early ties to slavery 150 years ago. The whole reason the students at U-Md even discovered this fact was due to a class assignment. Many universities have taken it upon themselves to research this aspect with their community, although it is usually done through the work of historians and professors. Rarely has an undergraduate class of students done such research.
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Backup of media reaction paper - The media is a major...

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