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Case Problem: Production Strategy Managerial Report MC506 Quantitative Methods for Managers - Start Date: July 1, 2003 Analyze the production problem at Better Fitness, Inc. and prepare a report for BFI's president presenting your findings and recommendations. Include (but donot limit your discussion to) a consideration of the following items: 1. The recommended number of BodyPlus 100 and BodyPlus 200 machines to Let BP100 = the number of BodyPlus 100 machines produced BP200 = the number of BodyPlus 200 machines produced Max 371BP100 + 461BP200 s.t. 8BP100 + 12BP200 600 hrs of machining 5BP100 + 10BP200 450 hrs of painting and finis 2BP100 + 2BP200 140 hrs of assembly, testing -0.25BP100 + .75BP200 0 BP100 , BP200 0 2. The effect on profits of the requirement that the number of units By   Debbie St. George:  Student #: 1086941 Optimal solution: BP 100 = 50, BP 200 = 50/3 or 16.667, profit = $26,233.33. See Man 10
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chp2ProductionStrategyPg81 - Case Problem: Production...

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