Introduction - CS206 CS206 Data Structures Fall 2009 YoonJoon Lee About About Lecture Lecturer Teaching Assistants ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ YoonJoon Lee

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Unformatted text preview: CS206 CS206 Data Structures Fall, 2009 YoonJoon Lee About About Lecture Lecturer: Teaching Assistants: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ YoonJoon Lee, office(E3-1, Rm# 3409), email([email protected]), Phone(x3523) Location & Time: Web page: Kang, Woo Ram(867-2255, [email protected]) Choi, Hye-Bong (x5563, [email protected]) Koh, Chol-Woo, (x3563, [email protected]) Kim, Sang-Jae (x3563, [email protected]) E3-1, Rm#1101, Mon, Wed 12:30~14:45 Course Course Webpage How How to Enroll in Webpage Login with your KAIST portal account 2. Visit CS206 page 3. Put the enrollment key “CS206_2009F” 1. Course Course Overview Topics Topics Abstract data types (ADT) Linked data structures Recursion Basics of algorithm analysis Standard ADT: Lists, stacks, queues, maps Applications of stacks, queues, and maps Implementation of data structures using lists, trees and hash tables About About Improving your programming skills! Programming is fun! Can you recognize beautiful program code, and ugly one? and An elegant solution and a bungled one? Homeworks Homeworks and grading No No textbook But we have lecture notes and copies of the slides. Homework Programming projects (1 ~ 4 weeks/time), Homework (one week time) Homework requirement You must submit all programming projects, and must achieve 60% homework points. Grading Policy Homework (15%), Programming projects (15%), Midterm (30%), Final (30%), (30%) Fi Credit for participation (10%, OK with 4 absences, but deduct 2% an absence more than 4). ...
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