midterm review

midterm review - fermentation. Be able to compare and...

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Name: Biology Midterm Exam Ch 1 Hypothesis Theory Observation - Seven properties of life - Steps of the Scientific Method Ch 2 Atom Compound Ionic bond Acid Element Covalent bond Polar Base - Properties of water Ch 3 Carbohydrate Protein Amino acid Substrate Lipid Nucleic acid Enzyme Active site - Law of Conservation of Energy - How an enzyme works and what it does Ch 7 Organelle Mitochondria Ribosome Golgi apparatus Nucleus Chloroplast Endoplasmic Reticulum Cytoplasm Cell membrane Vacuole - Cell theory - Surface area and cell growth - Levels of organization in the body Ch 8 Phospholipid bilayer Passive transport Osmosis Signal molecule Homeostasis Diffusion Exocytosis Active transport Facilitated diffusion Endocytosis
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Ch 9 Autotroph Pigment Cellular respiration Electron transport chain Photosynthesis Glycolysis Fermentation ATP - Know the basic processes of photosynthesis, glycolysis, cellular respiration and
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Unformatted text preview: fermentation. Be able to compare and contrast each process Ch 10 Prokaryote Centromere Interphase Cytokinesis Eukaryote Chromatid Mitosis Cancer-Difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells-Know basically what happens in each phase of interphase and mitosis Ch 11 Asexual reproduction Crossing-over Homologous chromosomes Binary fission Autosomes Haploid Fragmentation Sex chromosomes Diploid Budding Meiosis Independent assortment-Know the differences between mitosis and meiosis-Know the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction Ch 12 Genetics Recessive Phenotype Homozygous Allele Dominant Genotype Heterozygous-Mendel’s law of segregation-Mendel’s law of independent assortment-How to do a Punnett square...
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midterm review - fermentation. Be able to compare and...

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