midterm2008-09reviewsheet1 - LE/Biology Midterm Review...

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Unformatted text preview: LE/Biology Midterm Review Sheet# 1 Name _________________________ 1 1. All chemical breakdown processes in cells directly involve (1) reactions that are controlled by catalysts (2) enzymes that are stored in mitochondria (3) the production of catalysts in vacuoles (4) enzymes that have the same simple sugar sequence 2. Which order of metabolic processes converts nutrients consumed by an organism into cell parts? (1) digestion absorption circulation diffusion synthesis (2) absorption circulation digestion diffusion synthesis (3) digestion synthesis diffusion circulation absorption (4) synthesis absorption digestion diffusion circulation 3. A red onion cell has undergone a change, as represented in the diagram below. This change is most likely due to the cell being placed in (1) distilled water (2) light (3) salt water (4) darkness 4. After a hormone enters the bloodstream, it is transported throughout the body, but the hormone affects only certain cells. The reason only certain cells are affected is that the hormone affects only certain cells....
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midterm2008-09reviewsheet1 - LE/Biology Midterm Review...

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