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Unformatted text preview: Cancer Biology, Biol 1290, Section 2 Spring, 2009; Tuesdays 3-6 PM Course Director - Anatoly Zhitkovich, Ph.D. Contact information : tel. (401) 863-2912, e-mail: [email protected] Course Description and Objectives: BIO1290 is designed to provide a conceptual understanding of molecular events underlying development of human cancer. The main focus of the course will be on the genetic changes leading to the neoplastic transformation of cells. The course will cover several major areas of cancer biology such as cell cycle control, DNA damage, tumor microenvironment, chemotherapy and drug resistance. The ability to understand malignant transformation of cells on the molecular level and to critically evaluate existing literature in the field are two major goals of this course. The lecture materials will provide an overview of each topic whereas discussions of original research articles will be used as a tool for developing critical thinking in the analysis of cancer-related research. Specific Objectives: 1. To develop a conceptual understanding about how a misbalance between cell death and cell proliferation leads to cellular transformation. 2. To understand principal mechanisms of DNA damage and DNA repair and how these processes can be linked to variability in individual susceptibility to cancer. 3. To learn molecular mechanisms that allow transformed cells to progress into malignant tumors by avoiding immune surveillance and activating angiogenesis. 4. To learn how understanding of the molecular basis of cancer can be used for the development of new treatment strategies....
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cancer-biology-syllabus-spr09 - Cancer Biology Biol 1290...

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