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1 BOT/MBIO/ZOO 1005 – Concepts in Biology Midterm 3 (100 points) -- Form 1 (Blue) April 19, 2007 Part I: Multiple choice, true-false, and matching (50 points) True-false (mark A for true, B for false): 1. All eukaryotes are multicellular. 2. Of the nine animal phyla we studied in class, only phylum Chordata contains both vertebrate and invertebrate representatives. 3. Before there were radially symmetrical animals, there were bilaterally symmetrical animals. 4. Fungi are autotrophs with cell walls made of chitin. Multiple choice / matching 5. Which of the following statements about angiosperm reproduction is FALSE? a. the seed contains pollen b. the diploid zygote results from the fusion of a sperm cell and an egg cell c. many angiosperms lure pollinators with nectar, a “rotting meat” odor, or fake sex pheromones d. after pollination, some parts of the female flower develop into a fruit e. seed dispersal improves a plant’s reproductive success by reducing competition between a plant and its offspring 6. Which of the following is the only domain that contains eukaryotes? a. Bacteria b. Animalia c. Plantae d. Archaea e. Eukarya 7. According to the film “The Triumph of Life,” which of the following is NOT true? a. Photosynthetic bacteria generated the O 2 that transformed the planet billions of years ago. b. Horseshoe crabs were among the first types of animals to use land for mating. c. Invertebrates moved onto land before vertebrates did. d. Plants moved onto land before vertebrates did. e. Vertebrate animals occupied the oceans before invertebrate animals. 8. Seahorses are unusual because the males, not the females, care for the young of the species. The females are brightly colored and compete for the males’ attention. The males are dull. The difference between the coloration of the females and males is likely the result of: a. genetic drift d. sexual selection b. punctuated equilibrium e. the formation of a lichen c. a catastrophe 9. Lots of evidence suggests that Darwin had it right: finches flew from South America to the Galapagos Islands, where they established a new population that is genetically distinct from their South American ancestors. This is an example of: a. the founder effect d. asexual reproduction b. artificial selection e. the bottleneck effect c. sexual selection 10. The animal pictured at right is a ___, and its symmetry is ____. a. cnidarian … bilateral c. chordate . .. bilateral b. cnidarian … radial d. chordate … radial 11. Which of the following characteristics is NOT shared by ALL animals? a. multicellular b. heterotroph c. gastrulation d. mitochondria e. eukaryotic
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2 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 recessive allele dominant allele 12. Which of the following is not necessarily associated with natural selection? a.
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bmzmt3s07 - BOT/MBIO/ZOO 1005 Concepts in Biology Midterm 3...

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