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Biology 300 Midterm Exam ~ Important Information The Biology Midterm is cumulative for the 1 st Semester and will cover all of the topics you have addressed in class and lab. The exam will count for 20% of your entire semester grade, so it is important to begin your study and review well before the exam week. You will not receive additional review materials beyond the vocabulary lists, essential questions, and objectives for each unit included in this packet. Instead you should use this Unit outline as a guide to review your textbook, class notes, and study materials from the 1 st and 2 nd Quarters as you prepare for the exam. A series of five review quizzes will be administered in the week leading up to the midterm. These are designed to encourage you to study previous topics and identify areas that may require extra review. These quizzes will count towards your 2nd marking period grade. Each quiz will focus on a particular area of biology that you have studied: Quiz 1: Ecosystems, Scientific Method, and Chemistry Quiz 2: Cells Quiz 3: DNA, RNA, and Protein Quiz 4: Mitosis and Meiosis Quiz 5: Genetics You are encouraged to see your teacher if you need extra help with a particular topic . In addition, there will be six scheduled review sessions conducted by the Biology 300 teachers during the two weeks prior to exams. You are welcome to attend to any of these sessions, even those not being led by your current teacher. Biology 300 Review Schedule: Tuesday, 1/5/09 7:00 am Room C208 Ms. Daniele Wednesday, 1/6/09 7:00 am Room C108 Mr. Trifone Thursday, 1/7/09 2:20 pm Room C10 Mrs. Scudder Friday, 1/8/09 2:20 pm Room C210 Ms. Tsaparakis Monday, 1/11/09 2:20 pm Room C106 Ms. Wisniewski Tuesday, 1/12/09 7:00 am Room C104 Mr. Otterspoor
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UNIT 1: Biology as the Science of Life Essential Questions: What are the common characteristics of living organisms? How are energy and nutrients made available to all members of a community? You should be able to: distinguish between living and non-living things based upon life functions. distinguish between producers and consumers and between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. discuss how energy is made available to members of a community. discuss how organisms are influenced by the non-living factors of their environment. relate various characteristics of Zebra mussels to the problems caused by these
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Bio300-MidtermReview-09 - Biology 300 Midterm Exam ~...

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