BE-209-Course-Syllabus-Steffen - 1/14/2010 BE209 BE209:...

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BE209: Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology Spring 2010 (tentative) Course website: Course email: [email protected] Course Lectures: Mon, Wed: 10 am - Noon location: PHO 206 , Charles River Campus lab schedule and notes lab manuals and Discussion notes problemsets people lecture notes administrative: rules, notes Lecture Outline Date # Day Topic Chapter Lecture Notes 13-Jan 1 Wed Introduction To Cells 1 L01.pdf 20-Jan 2 Wed Chemical Components Of Cells And Basic Energetics 2, 3 25-Jan 3 Mon Proteins And Catalysis 3, 4 27-Jan 4 Wed DNA, Chromosomes, And Genomes. 5 1-Feb 5 Mon DNA Replication, Repair, And Recombination. 6 3-Feb 6 Wed How Cells Read The Genome: From DNA To Protein. 7 4-Feb Thurs Homework Due - email by midnight 8-Feb 7 Mon Control Of Gene Expression. 8 10-Feb 8 Wed Mid-Term Preview / Important Material And Problem Set Review. 16-Feb 9 Tues MIDTERM 1 17-Feb 10 Wed Membrane Structure And Transport 11, 12 22-Feb 11 Mon Energy From Food 13 24-Feb 12 Wed Energy Conversion: Mitochondria And Chloroplasts. 14 1-Mar 13 Mon Transport 15 3-Mar 14 Wed Mechanisms Of Cell Communication. 16 spring break! 15-Mar 15 Mon The Cytoskeleton. Cell Junctions, Cell Adhesion, And The Extracellular Matrix. 17 17-Mar 16 Wed The Cell Cycle And Apoptosis 18 18-Mar Thurs Homework Due - email by midnight 22-Mar 17 Mon Cell Division And Meiosis 19 24-Mar 18 Wed Mid-Term Preview / Important Material And Problem Set Review. 29-Mar 19 Mon MIDTERM 2 1/14/2010 BE209 1/2
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31-Mar 20 Wed Genome Engineering 10 5-Apr 21 Mon Microarrays / RNAi 2 pdfs spotted microarray animation wikipedia_microarray 7-Apr 22 Wed DNA Sequencing animation transcript Scientific American pages 331 - 335 in book 12-Apr 23 Mon Mass Spectrometry / Protein Engineering 1 pdf - ignore gray regions 14-Apr 24 Wed Computation / NCBI - Midterm 2 Results 21-Apr 25 Wed Stem Cells / Nuclear Transfer ("Cloning") 2006 , 2001 22-Apr 26 Thurs TBD 22-Apr Thurs Homework Due - email by midnight 26-Apr 27 Mon Cancer Hanahan Weinberg 28-Apr 28 Wed Problem Set Review And Final Summary Final Exam Book Essential Cell Biology, 3rd Edition. Authors: Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Karen Hopkin,
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BE-209-Course-Syllabus-Steffen - 1/14/2010 BE209 BE209:...

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