Are Aliens Among Us - Andre Mallqui Period 4 Are Aliens...

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Andre Mallqui Period 4 Are Aliens Among Us 1 The origin of life has been one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in science. There is no clear answer to how or when life originated. There is however facts that prove that microbial life is one of the oldest living species on Earth established over three and a half billion years ago. Terrestrial life comes into the picture of the origin of Earth, as perhaps a starting catalyst to the formation of life on Earth. Those scientists who agree with this theory have been searching all over the world, through deserts, lakes, and caverns for evidence of terrestrial life forms. There is no clear concise definition for life, but a majority of scientists will agree that there are two factors necessary: the ability to metabolize and the ability to reproduce. Some people believe that though terrestrial life forms do not exist now, they may have existed in the past and died out over time. In this situation there may perhaps be remnants of their existence somewhere on Earth. Another theory states that perhaps these alternative life forms still exist within our environment but have yet to be discovered, hiding behind our limited sight. Though this idea may seem preposterous, there are many of organisms out there, especially microbes, that must analyzed in depth through their genetic sequence to show that they are a part of the tree of life on our Earth. The theory of aliens living amongst us consists of two different point of views, one is of
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Are Aliens Among Us - Andre Mallqui Period 4 Are Aliens...

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