Woll Check #8 - WOLL HW CHECK #8 Fenno How Come We Love Our...

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WOLL HW CHECK #8 Fenno – How Come We Love Our Congressmen So Much? Polsby – Congress-Bashing for Beginners Mayhew – Congress: The Electoral Connection Fenno – Home Syle and Washington Career Complete and print out this assignment and bring to class on the assigned due date 1. Explain Fenno's thesis that individual congressmen may be loved while the institution of Congress lacks respect. Fenno states that we apply different standards of judgment, those that we apply to the individual being less demanding than those we apply to the institution. We ask that our legislator simply display a sense of identity with us, but because that are locally defined and locally applied they are consistent and manageable enough so that legislators can devise rules of thumb to meet. For the institution, however, our standards emphasize efforts to solve national problems. 2. How does the behavior of members of Congress tend to fortify their popularity at the expense of the institution of Congress ? For their own reasons, Senators and representatives spend a good deal more of their time and energy polishing and worrying about their individual performance than they do working at the institution’s performance. Though true that their individual activity is related to institutional activity, their fir order concerns are individual, not institutional. Most members of Congress like their job, want to keep it, and know that there are people back home who want to take it away from them. So they work the majority of their time, long and hard, at winning reelection. Directions – read each statement and list of answers. Pick the best answer, circle that choice and mark that letter space on your scan sheet. 1. According to Richard Fenno, the reason people can love their congressmen and at the same time hold Congress in low
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Woll Check #8 - WOLL HW CHECK #8 Fenno How Come We Love Our...

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