Woll Check #9 - WOLL HW CHECK #9 Hamilton Federalist 70...

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WOLL HW CHECK #9 Hamilton – Federalist 70 Rossiter – The Presidency – Focus of Leadership Neustadt – Presidential Power Directions: Word process your answers under each of the following questions and upload this completed document to the Woll homework check #9 assignment box at Turnitin.com by 11:59 PM on January 27 th , 2010. 1. Why does Hamilton say that “all men of sense will agree in the necessity of an energetic executive,” and that “the ingredients which constitute energy in the executive are unity; duration; an adequate provision for its support; and competent powers”? He states this because he believes people need an executive who actually executes and fulfills actions within the government, someone who is active and participates. These “ingredients” for an executive are what Hamilton believes will keep a good president active and capable of making progress. Hamilton believes energy in the executive is the leading characteristic in the definition of a good government, which is why many of his statement revolve around this “energy”. 2. Hamilton states that “the ingredients which constitute safety [in the executive] in the republican sense are: a due dependence on the people; a due responsibility.” How did the constitutional system bring this about in reference to the presidency? What the constitutional system allows is essentially the public’s ability to choose their own officials through voting, and to somewhat manage their own country. It is through the public that the executive
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Woll Check #9 - WOLL HW CHECK #9 Hamilton Federalist 70...

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