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Andre Mallqui WOLL HW CHECK #10 Barber – The Presidential Character Skowronek – Leadership by Definition: Reflections on George W Bush’s Political Stance Milkis – The Presidency and Political Parties Directions: Word process your answers under each of the following questions and upload this completed document to the Woll homework check #10 assignment box at Turnitin.com by 11:59 PM on February 2, 2010. 1. In what sense does Barber feel that the presidency is “much more than an institution”? Barber states that the presidency is a focus of feelings; it is the focus for the most intense and persistent emotions in the American polity. He is a symbolic leader, a figure who draws together the people’s hopes and fears for the political future. 2. What is the president's style? It is the president’s habitual way of performing his three political roles: rhetoric, personal realations, and homework. 3. How does Barber define the “world view” of the president?
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