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Woll Check #11 - Andre Mallqui WOLL HW CHECK#11 Ex Parte...

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Andre Mallqui WOLL HW CHECK #11 Ex Parte Milligan Dean – Presidential Powers in Times of Emergency Directions: Word process your answers under each of the following questions and upload this completed document to the Woll homework check #11 assignment box at Turnitin.com by 11:59 PM on February 4, 2010. 1. Briefly explain the Facts, Pleas, Ruling and Reasoning in this case. What event and issue is this case similar to under the Bush and Obama administrations? Milligan was a citizen of the United States who was charged with treason. For this he was arrested, detained, tried, and convicted by a military commission. After his trials he was sentenced to be hung. Though before his hanging, he appealed against his punishment. During his appeal Milligan stated that he did not have a fair trial because he was the military court did not have reason to try him. The court decision stated that since the civil courts were still open that the military courts had no jurisdiction.
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