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Woll HW CK #2 – 1 ST Quarter – Berelson – Democratic Practice and Democratic Theory Complete the following, print out and bring to class on the assigned due date. 1. What are the classical requirements for the democratic citizen, as outlined by Berelson? Berelson’s classical requirements for democratic citizens state that Individual citizens must vote. Their votes should also come with an explanation for the reason of the vote; this is important because it allows us to know the effect that the vote has. Votes by the citizens should be based on principle rather that the potential, beneficial decisions of the person elected. Lastly the vote should come from good judgment. 2. How do the requirements for the system differ from the requirements for the individual in the democratic process? The requirements of a democratic process involve a limited intensity of conflict, managed social and economical structures, and restrained rates of change, a pluralistic social organization, and a basic consensus of contending parties. The requirements for the system, however, are broader, in order to cover the changing conditions over vaster periods of time that affect society; this system requires a heterogeneous citizenry. Directions:
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WOLLHWCK2BERELSONU21ST0910-1 - Woll HW CK#2 1ST Quarter...

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