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Andre Mallqui WOLL HW CK #3 Woll – Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System Paulson – Toward A Responsible Party System? Mayhew – Divided We Govern Complete the following, print out and bring this assignment to class on the assigned due date Directions – answer the following in the space provided: 1. Briefly explain the APSA committee's warnings about the four dangers associated with the decline of parties. The APSA’s warning about the four dangers include: that the inadequacy of the party system in sustaining well-considered programs and providing braod public support for them may lead to terrible consequences. Another danger is the American people and their capability to go to far for the safety of the constitutional government The third danger involves the disintegration of the two major parties. The last danger is the incapacity of the two parties inconsistency to take action based on meaningful programs 2. David Mayhew argues, against conventional wisdom, that divided government produced by the separation of powers works as well as the unified government many critics favor. List the five central claims Mayhew makes to support his thesis. Mayhe states that even though it is important to enact laws often under conditions of divided party control, that perhaps these
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