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WOLL HW CHECK #11 Ex Parte Milligan Dean – Presidential Powers in Times of Emergency Directions: Word process your answers under each of the following questions and upload this completed document to the Woll homework check #11 assignment box at Turnitin.com by 11:59 PM on February 4, 2010. 1. Briefly explain the Facts, Pleas, Ruling and Reasoning in this case. What event and issue is this case similar to under the Bush and Obama administrations? 2. According to Dean, the strong and “energetic” Hamiltonian presidency can become a “constitutional dictatorship” in times of national emergency and crisis. A strong presidency is essential to the survival of our constitutional democracy, but a strong President should not be one who rules by prerogative powers in violation of the carefully constructed constitutional balance of powers between the president and Congress. Identify and briefly explain the six main arguments Dean makes in support of this position.
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Unformatted text preview: First Dean says that the Greek and Romans failed because they had a governing system during times of emergency so the founders made a way to prevent that. Also, Dean says that Alexander Hamilton says the power of the president is a far as it can be to protect the communities of the nation. He also uses Ex Parte Milligan as a case example to show that the president has all the powers to preserve the existence of the nation. Dean states that the citizens called Abraham Lincoln a dictator when he took power during the civil war but he did what had to be done to reunite the United States. Wilson also had strong new powers after Germany attacked a few American ships on foreign soil. He was able to pull together an army to counter. President Roosevelt had power as well after the attacks on Pearl Harbor; he led battles through Europe, Africa, and Asia. His control was much more than Lincoln and Wilson....
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