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Unformatted text preview: Andre Mallqui Period 7 Chapter 5/6 Article 1: What You See Is What You’ve Learned SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER 1. Major theorist being talked about in the article? The major theorist talked about in the article is Colin Turbull 2. Why is it good that you filter sensory information to only experience small pieces of it? The filtering of sensory information in order to experience small pieces allows the brain to process such information without being bombarded by such large quantities of information that could possibly be dangerous and harmful. 3. Describe the basic difference between sensation and perception. Perception refers to how our brains process and take in such large amount of sensation and create meaning out of them. Sensations are the information constantly being received from our environment through our senses 4. List 3 ways or strategies that we use to organize information. Three strategies used to organize information include: figure-ground relationships, perceptualy constancies,...
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