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Andre Mallqui Chapter 5/6 Article 2: Watch Out For The Visual Cliff! Separate Piece of Paper! 1. Who is/are the major theorist(s) that the article is focused on? The major theorists in the article are Eleanor Gibson and Richard Walk 2. What do many psychologists consider the most important visual skill and why? Many psychologists consider depth perception as our most important visual skill. Without depth perception we could possibly not survive as we would run into things, be unable to judge how far away a predator was, or step right off high locations. 3. Describe the nativist vs. empiricist view on depth perception. Nativist view on depth perception is that they believe that depth perception and the avoidance of a drop-off appear automatically as a part of our original biological equipment and therefore are not products of experience. Empiricists on the contrary believe the exact opposite stating that such abilities are learned. 4.
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