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Andre Mallqui Period 7 Chapter 7 Article 1: To Sleep, No Doubt to Dream…. ALL answers to articles SHOULD ALWAYS be done on a SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER (there is not enough room to write your answers in the blanks) unless you type your answers on this sheet. 1. What two psychologists’ works are being discussed in the article? The two psychologists’ works being studied are William Dement’s and Eugene Asreinsky’s 2. What did Aserinsky notice when studying sleeping infants? He noticed that as the infants slept there were periodic occurrences of active eye movements. During the remainder of their night there were only occasional slow rolling eye movements. 3. Describe Aserinsky’s research design. His design consisted of 20 normal adults who had sensitive electronic measuring devices connected by electrodes to the muscles around the eyes of these subjects. The leads from these electrodes stretched into the next room where the subjects’ sleep could be monitored. 4.
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