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Discussion 13: Chemical Kinetics Part 1: Reaction Rate Measurements: Concentration In part 1 of this experiment we were asked to mix three different solutions and measure how much O2 gas was collected from putting that solution in the apparatus with a syringe. The rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is 2H2O2 2H2O + O2. Knowing this information we made the first solution which consisted of 10 mL of .1 M KI and 15 Ml DI water. It took this solution 13 min and 21 sec to produce 14 ml of O2 gas. The second solution was 10 mL of .1 M KI and 10 mL of DI water. This reaction took 8 min and 11 sec to collect 14 mL of O2 gas. The third solution we used consisted of 20 mL of .1 M KI and 5 mL DI water. This solution took 9 min and 19 sec to collect 14 mL of O2 gas. This means that the no matter the amount of the KI solution we used it did not have much effect on the rate measurement. The thing that did have the most effect on the raeaction measurement was the amount of DI water used and the amount of
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