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Lorraine Annon December, 2000 EQD Report Sample #3 Exploration Through EQD I have played the Re-Creational games once a week for ten weeks. My roommates and neighbors joined to explore their emotions through the games. I played Pair-O- Dimes, Reflections, Synchronicity, and Brenda’s game. I played the Reflections game the most (15 times), because it was easy just to play and record the scores all by myself. I played Pair-O-Dimes four times, Synchronicity five times, and Brenda’s game four. In the game Pair-O-Dimes, my neighbor, one of my roommates, and I enjoyed seeking consensus over which way the hand was won. I lured my male neighbor who tends to be quite macho, over by telling him that I needed to play a form of poker for my psychology class. As it is so well known that all men love to play poker, he could not resist the invitation. We played a traditional round of poker, however at the end of the round had to determine who has the winner. It was hard to decide between the traditional way of winning based on the card value, and the emotional status of the card. I played all the other EQD games with my female roommates, but with the Pair- O-Dimes game I managed to gain the perspective from a male point of view. I realized that men and women really do think completely different from each other. When it came down to choosing the winner in the game, we had to explain our reasoning for why we felt the way we did. A good example of the diversity between the guys and girls was displayed when my male neighbor protested that he was the winner over my straight flush simply he had the sexually alive emotion card. In his mind that honestly was one of the
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most important things to feeling emotionally stable. That really contradicts with my line of thinking. In my mind the sexually alive card would be meaningless unless it was paired with a steady relationship. We had many of productive disputes like this one while playing the Pair-O-Dimes. The Reflections game, I believe, really helped me to get an understanding of where I was at emotionally. Each time that I sorted through all of the 52 emotions I came up with completely contrasting results. When I played the game on the weekend I seemed to end up with a more relaxed and laid-back outcome. As opposed to the results I got when playing the game during the week after a stressful day at work or school; I had many more blue-faced cards with higher rankings. I had a very difficult time playing the Reflections game when the time period that I was reviewing was my childhood. It brought up many repressed emotions. I realized that my childhood contained many more depressed, lonely, and anxiety filled moods than my present state. I have come to the conclusion that this was due to all the chaos in my life during childhood. My parents got divorced while I was still very young, leaving my
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EQDReport3 - Lorraine Annon December, 2000 EQD Report...

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