Earth115 M1 - stolen and set on fire to destroy evidence....

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April 10th, 2007 Article Summary #9 “Fast –Moving California Wildfire Forces Evacuations” By: Associated Press March 12, 2007 Wildfires have been a big problem every year for Southern California residents. Families have been forced to evacuate their homes and leave the area. Evacuating and leaving all of your things behind, not knowing if they will be there when or if you return is a miserable feeling to have. This brush fire was moving very fast and scorched more than 2000 acres of hillside and took at least three homes forcing authorities to evacuate local residents. This brush fire occupies three square miles of Orange County. Fire Chief Ed Fleming said “this is a very dangerous firefight” although only two firefighters suffered minor injuries. Police are investigating if the fire was started by a vehicle that may have been
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Unformatted text preview: stolen and set on fire to destroy evidence. The fire was moving fast and firefighters were afraid that the fire would destroy the multi million dollar homes that reside in the Anaheim Hills. One resident said that when he looked out of his window, Boom, pillows of smoke, It looked so close. Capt. Steve Miller of the Orange County Fire Authority said afternoon winds blowing up to 35 mph made firefighting difficult for the more than 800 firefighters on the scene. Temperatures were in the 90s with low humidity. All though firefighters where assisted with helicopters, this was not an easy fight. Fleeing fires has grown to be a normal thing for Southern California residents and yet we choose to live dangerously....
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Earth115 M1 - stolen and set on fire to destroy evidence....

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