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Earth115 M3 - under water at the mid ocean ridges and that...

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Feb. 20 th , 2007 Article Summary #4 “Geologists Watch as African Continent is Torn Apart” By: Sara Goudarzi January 30 th , 2006 LiveScience.com In reading this article, I found out additional information about African and Arabian plates that are meeting. These two plates have been meeting for millions of years and move about 1” per year. This rift formed the 186 mile Afar Depression and the Red Sea. It is actively changing locations. In 2005, a series of Earthquakes shook up the land and caused some areas to spread up to 26 feet apart and also caused hundreds of deep fractures. As the land spread apart, magma was injected in to the cracks between the two plates. Another interesting event that happened due to this “split” is that the Red Sea is parting. We just learned about the continental boundaries and without learning about them I would be lost in this article. The events that causes the “split” happens
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Unformatted text preview: under water at the mid ocean ridges and that Ethiopia is the only place on dry land that we can physically see the continent splitting apart. Scientist are excited to see the seismic activity take place so they can prepare for “unprecedented set of observations.” The scientist feel that along with the final stages of the continental breakup taking place, they can take all of their collected data and see why this happens for the first time. “This will be the first time that anyone has collected the integrated, multi-disciplinary observations needed to understand continental breakup. As this event continues to take place, a new ocean will be formed between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. When this happens, the map of Africa will never look the same. This will take a million of year but, according to the article, in geological terms “a million years is the blink of an eye.”...
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Earth115 M3 - under water at the mid ocean ridges and that...

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