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Earth115 M4 - know what the consequences of that will...

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Mar 27 th , 2007 Article Summary #8 “Japan quake reminds Tokyo of potential disaster” By: Isabel Reynolds March 26, 2007 www.Reuters.com Japan is more than likely going to get hit with a powerful tremor that could kill thousands of people. There are efforts by Tokyo to prepare for such a powerful disaster; experts say that this could hit one of the world’s biggest cities and any time. This article is stressing the importance it is for the people to prepare themselves as well as the government. These tremors are expected to hit after a quake that just recently hit central Japan just this past Sunday. These people fear earthquakes more so that other country from their profusely destructive past Japan has endured. Many of the high rise buildings pose their own threat but experts say that the top floors of very tall buildings will sway from side to side by about 4 meters. "That means furniture will fly around, and we don't
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Unformatted text preview: know what the consequences of that will be" said Norio Maki, an assistant professor at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute at Kyoto University. Japan is more interested in Quakeproofing their buildings which lead to a Tokyo government proposal released in January calls for the ratio of quake-proof buildings to be raised from 76 percent to 90 percent, or 100 percent along major roads, to try to halve the number of casualties. Efforts have been unsuccessful due to scandal and falsified engineering data. A major quake in the daytime would also leave more than 11 million people stranded, as far as two hours' train ride away from their homes. Sunday morning's 6.9 magnitude quake struck Noto peninsula west of Tokyo, killing one person and injuring nearly 200. It destroyed houses, buckled roads, triggered landslides and cut off water and electricity supplies to thousands of homes....
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Earth115 M4 - know what the consequences of that will...

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