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Earth115 M7 - the mud into nearby rivers however those...

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Feb. 13 th , 2007 Article Summary #3 “Volcano gets choke chains to slow mud” By: David Cyranoski January 31 st , 2007 [email protected] A group of Indonesian geophysicists are working collectively to stop the flow of a mud volcano by dropping chains with huge concrete balls in the mouth of this crater. This event started last year in May and since then has released 126,000 cubic meters of mud each day and has left several of the East Java citizens homeless. This event is ruining the lives of many people, leaving them without homes, jobless and an estimated 200,000 more homes could be at risk if the mud flow mixes with heavy rain. It is currently the beginning of the rainy season which means the scientists must find a solution or it could be a disaster as the heavy rain will weaken the dams and flood more land. The government has drilled relief holes in nearby wells and attempted to channel
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Unformatted text preview: the mud into nearby rivers, however those attempts have failed so far. The Indonesian government just passes a plan that will, hopefully, stop the flow of mud. They are going to use 1000 steel chains, each chain is linked together with four concrete balls, which are engineered to assist in maximizing their friction with the flow of mud. It will be interesting to see how this theory will work. They will drop chains slowly in a systematic sequence to determine the affect it will have on the spewing mud. Some of the locals are blaming an oil drilling company for the disaster and therefore they are funding the project at an estimated 4 billion Rupiah ($400,000 USD). An English scientist doesn’t believe that these efforts will work because it may “force the mud to tae a tortuous path around the balls.” Although they are still uncertain, they are hoping this will work....
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Earth115 M7 - the mud into nearby rivers however those...

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