Earth115 M8 - This wiped out the whole town some were...

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May 9 th , 2007 Article Summary #12 “Floods ravage Plains towns” By: Alan Gomez and Oren Dorell May 9 th , 2007 USA TODAY There is flooding that is taking place along the Missouri River has forced thousands of people to evacuate and is expected to reach its peak today near Kansas City. Thunderstorms were responsible for a tornado that wiped out Greensburg Kansas forced its way upon the Plains with 8 inches of rain. Cities that are downstream form the S.W. of Kansas sat and saw their water levels rise to heights that are close to flooding, which hasn’t been this high in 14 years. 14 years ago the flooding in this area destroyed 10,000 homes and killed 48 people. A lot of agriculture fields were ruined and the farmers will have to plant all new crops. Over 50 acres of fields were saturated. Non stop downpours caused 5 levees to burst in Big Lake, forcing river water to fill a town of 127 people.
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Unformatted text preview: This wiped out the whole town, some were evacuated, and others were rescued by boat. Several rivers flooded in all parts of the state causing residents to leave their homes and in some cases leave their town for it may be there when they return. Several towns were under 4 or more feet of water. Water patrol team rescued 25 people alone in one town today and some 65,000 volunteers helped out at St. Joseph’s hospital. Meanwhile, many upstream residents were cleaning out their homes and working well with each other as the flood passed on. Several residents could not face the sight of all of their destroyed possessions and refused to go back home. One lady said that her children have such bad allergies and with no gas and electricity they would not be able to return at all....
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Earth115 M8 - This wiped out the whole town some were...

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