Earth115 M9 - on top of the mountain which holds millions...

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Mar 21 st , 2007 Article Summary #7 “Mud, Rocks Rush from New Zealand Volcano” By: Ray Lilley March 18, 2007 A combination of mud, acidic water, and rocks came down the slope of New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu on Sunday, March 18 th , 2007 creating a mud flow known as a lahar. The lahar did not have an immediate threat of the public as no one was injured. The lahar caused some damage, breaking through a rubble wall on top of a mountains crater causing an early alarm to go off and send a warning. Police closed off roads running north and south for 30 miles and the base of the mountain as well. A train carrying 200 passengers was permitted from traveling near the mountain. A lahar disrupted the town in 1953 killing 151 people as is washed away a rail bridge causing a train to plunge into a large stream of mud. A 23 foot wall of volcanic ash and sand sits
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Unformatted text preview: on top of the mountain which holds millions of gallons of acidic water and now it has been compromised. The people are scared that it will come down hard, but the good thing is that the rivers will not be affected by the flooding, so the lahar will be the only thing coming down. Dr. Keys, a lahar expert stated that a “10-13 foot wall of mud, water, rocks and logs spearhead the flow down the Whangaehu River”. Local citizens stated that the water was a concrete color and the smashing of rocks against the river banks could be felt on land. The only damage that took place was minimal flooding on some farmland nearby the base of the mountain. The scientists had been able to predict the lahar’s passage and the early warning response team worked together to save the town and lives of their fellow countrymen....
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Earth115 M9 - on top of the mountain which holds millions...

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