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HOMICIDE FINAL EXAM REVIEW - Criminal Justice CCJ 3628 C...

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Criminal Justice Name: _____________________ CCJ 3628 C ID: _____________________ Homicide Instructor: Professor Byrnes TEST # 3 LECTURE, HICKEY CHAPTER 7 HOLMES CHAPTERS, 10 AND 11 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: 1. It can be said the psychotic mass killer is not simply neurotic, that is, he has a condition that impairs his interaction with society on a daily or near-daily basis. Therefore it can be postulated that a psychotic mass killer is: a. Psychopathic b. Neurotic c. Sociopath d. Psychosomatic e. None are correct 2. The psychotic mass killer is one who suffers from: 3. A mass murderer of the visionary type, the key mark of the psychotic individual is: 4. The difference between psychotic mass killers and the disciple mass murderers is? 5. With the psychotic mass killer, murdering commonly develops after: a. Going to McDonald’s for a “Big Mac”. b. Watching a porno flick c. Psychotic episode d. A trauma induced episode 6. The psychotic mass killer usually hears voices or visions that demand the murderous act comes from?
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PAGE 2, 7. Perhaps in the case of the psychotic mass killer the anticipated gain is? 8. The FBI has coined two terms that have been tremendous aids in the intellectual examination of the psychotic mass killers personality, which are? 9. In regards to the spatial mobility of the psychotic mass killer, it would be safe to say: a. Travels around the country to seek victims b. Travels to nearby states to seek victims c. Does not travel to seek victims d. Travels only to California to seek victims
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