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EE3206/EE5805 Java Programming and Applications Tutorial 2 – Writing Simple Java Applications 1. Create a class Circle and write a method to calculate the area of a circle with a given radius value. The method header is shown below. Write another main method within the same class to show the area of circles of radius ranging from 10 to 100, with each increment of 10 (i.e. 10, 20, 30,… 100). static double circleArea(double radius) 2. Create a class Matrix and write two methods for adding and displaying matrices. Their method headers are shown below. The first method adds the second matrix to the first matrix and returns true on success. The second method displays the values of a matrix in a square bracket. public static boolean addMatrix(int[][] matrix1, int[][] matrix2) public static void printMatrix(int[][] matrix) 3. Create a class TestMatrix together with a main method. Test your Matrix class above by passing some integer matrices to it, performing addition, and showing the result. Here are some examples:
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tut02_2009 - EE3206/EE5805 Java Programming and...

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