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ch 3 problem 3 - is the movie they want to see. The system...

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Rich Generazio February 16, 2010 Dr. Saeed Roohani ACG 345-B Chapter 3 Problem 3-3 One business venture that I believe is on its way to becoming very successful using only internet commerce is renting movies. There has been a major shift from brick and motor businesses, like Blockbuster, to internet stores, like Netflix. The way I would design the website would have a members log in, which they enter their member name and password. This would notify the system of the customers’ key records, such as credit card billing information and shipping information. After being logged in, they customer would be able to view all available movies that they can rent. They would be able to search via movie categories, new releases or a search function where they type in the movie they are interested in. Once they select a movie, they will be able to read the description of it to see if that
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Unformatted text preview: is the movie they want to see. The system will use Electronic Data Interchange to determine if they movie is available or if it is out of stock. Once at the checkout, they will have the movie shipped to them and upon them returning that movie they will be able to rent another movie. The amounts of movies a customer can rent at one time are dependent on the contract they have. The company will use online real time processing systems to capture the business data. This is critical because the company will be sending out numerous movies a day to customers and cannot rent a movie they do not have in inventory. This is why they cant use batch processing and must use OLRT processing systems. It is vital that the inventory is updated constantly in order of customers not selecting movies that are already rented out....
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