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201 Branding and Packaging Assignment F09

201 Branding and Packaging Assignment F09 - MKT 201...

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MKT 201 Branding and Packaging Assignment 1. Keep a log of every package you handle over two days, preferably a weekday and a weekend day. To make it easier, divide each day into quarters: from the time you get up until the time you eat breakfast (or time you would eat if you don’t eat breakfast), from after breakfast through lunch, from after lunch through dinner, and from after dinner until you fall asleep. Jot down the packaging you use in each quarter and anything notable about it, keeping in mind the questions below. Be sure to keep in mind the text’s definition of packaging: “. . . any container in which [the product] is offered for sale and on which label information is conveyed.” (p. 299) Do not include commercial or work- related packaging. Attach the log (handwritten is fine as long as it’s readable; everything else must be typed) to your answers to the questions below. 2. Choose and describe the best package you handled. What made it the best? Be sure to include the communication, functional, and perceptual benefits, as well as how this
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