puerto rican history midterm

puerto rican history midterm - 1 HOW DID THE POLITICAL...

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1. HOW DID THE POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE ISLANDS OF THE CARIBBEAN DIFFER FROM THAT OF THE ISLANDS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN? In the islands of the Caribbean, European powers launched their military, religious, and economic conquests of the Americas and it was from there where the Americas came to be defined. In the Mediterranean islands, however, they were the center of power and wealth but easily fell to the prey of the power hungry continents that surrounded. Over time, these Mediterranean islands became territorial annexes of European states. 2. DESCRIBE THE ENCOMIENDA SYSTEM AND ITS BENEFITS TO THE SPANIARDS AND ITS IMPACT ON THE TAINOS. The encomienda system was a labor system that was used by the Spanish crown during the colonization of the Philippines as well as the Americas. Its mission was to protect the indigenous men who had served the crown. The crown would grant a person a certain number of natives, in which they would become responsible for. This person could then extract means from the natives in forms of gold, labor, or other products such as foods and crops. The benefits for the Spaniards were they had people farm, ranch, and mine for them and had rights to laborers and in some cases gave families a way to instill a family fortune. This system ran the Tainos off their land, for many of them wanted no part in this system as well as the other surrounding peoples. It also resulted in them having less children, since many of the Spanish men basically took their wives since it was ok for Spanish men to do so. This also led to many of them committing suicide who were discouraged to move or by how many of their people they had lost. 3.DESCRIBE THE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF THE TAINOS
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puerto rican history midterm - 1 HOW DID THE POLITICAL...

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