Lecture 20 - Class Notes: November 25, 2008 Network...

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Class Notes: November 25, 2008 Network Security: -Method Precursors of an attack a. Port Scan – A program that reports for a particular IP address, which ports are open and which of several known vulnerabilities are present. Tells the attacker which applications are running and which are responding. It also tells the attacker which operating system is installed and which version of the operating system is running, also which applications and which versions of those applications are present. It can be done anonymously and very quietly, no identification is required to gather this information. b. Social Engineering – Calling user directly under false pretense and request information. Use social interaction and social skills to perform the attack. c. Recon. – Such as dumpster diving, eavesdropping, etc. . d. Operating system and application finger printing. But an attacker wants to know more, how can the attacker get this information? Network protocols are standardized and vendor independent but the actual implementations may vary. The attacker looks for features associated with different versions. e.
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Lecture 20 - Class Notes: November 25, 2008 Network...

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