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I, Travis McPeak, pledge that this is my own independent work, which conforms to the guidelines of academic honesty as described in the course syllabus. Travis McPeak October 28, 2008 CECS 478 Homework #4 1. I would try several things to attempt to discover undocumented feature of the processor. First I would try to execute all the undefined op-codes (the ones which were not listed as valid opcodes in the technical reference manual). I would also try out of bounds operands/illegal operations. 2. The task is similar to the previous one because I am trying to cause the program to do something it isn’t supposed to do (like I was trying to make the processor do something it wasn’t supposed to do.) Like before, a big part of my strategy is going to be passing fringe/out of bound inputs. It is also very different though, because with software I can trace through a programs execution so I can tell which parts of a program are being
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Unformatted text preview: used when. For this reason, I feel that the software is easier to check for undocumented features, because with the hardware, there really isn’t a good way for me to trace its execution. 3. This is impossible because a computer can’t possibly “comprehend” what is a trapdoor and what is an intended feature of a program. 4. The program may set the values of k and n to 1 and 10 respectively, but the re-usable routine that is called may be passed different values (like k+4 and n+11). Also after k and n are set, they may be accessed in memory and changed to 5 and 21. 5. Confinement would make it so that no other process would have access to either the location in the program where the routine is called. Confinement would also prevent other processes from manipulating the memory locations where k and n are set and stored....
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