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CS 210: Computer Systems I: Machine Organization Spring 2010 - Section A0 Quiz #6 - 2010/03/22 Name: ______________________________ ================================================================================ 1: Circle which one (1) of the following is the aspect of modern circuits which allows for shared bussed: a) Error-Correcting Codes b) Parity c) Tri-State Circuits ================================================================================ 2: Circle which one (1) of the following is the term for the total potential scope of available memory, based on the bit-size of the memory addresses used to access it:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Addressability b) Virtual Memory c) Address Space ================================================================================ 3: Circle which one (1) of the following is the bus of the 3-bus architecture which is used to carry port numbers for communication with I/O devices: a) Data Bus b) Control Bus c) Address Bus d) Port Bus ================================================================================ 4: Add a single parity bit to the end of each of the following binary numbers with the correct value, using even parity: 0b011011 0b001101 0b011111 0b11 0b1...
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