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quiz5 - time to have predictable results a Combinational b...

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CS 210: Computer Systems I: Machine Organization Fall 2006 - Section 91 Quiz #5 - 2006/10/12 Name: ______________________________ ================================================================================ 1: If a parity bit were added to the 8-bit binary representation of the number 35, using even parity, what would the value of that bit be? ================================================================================ 2: Circle which one (1) of the following is the type of circuit which does not require its input data to change only a single bit at a
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Unformatted text preview: time to have predictable results: a) Combinational b) Asynchronous c) Synchronous ================================================================================ 3: Briefly describe (in 1 or 2 sentences) one advantage PLAs have over traditionally designed logical circuits: ================================================================================ 4: What binary number would be transmitted if the payload 0b1001 were to be transmitted using a standard Hamming Code? Show your work for full credit....
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