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CS 220: Computer Systems II: Architecture and Programming Fall 2009 - Section A0 Quiz #1 - 2009/09/21 Name: ______________________________ ================================================================================ 1: Circle which one (1) of the following would be the value of eax if the following code is executed: ================= movl $33, %eax movl $36, %ebx movl $39, %ecx pushl %eax pushl %ebx pushl %ecx popl %eax popl %ebx popl %ecx ================= a) 0 b) 33 c) 36 d) 39 e) 69 f) 72 g) 75 h) 108 ================================================================================ 2: Circle which of the following (it could be any number of them) are
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Unformatted text preview: flags that will be set (to 1) when 0xC0 and 0xC0 are added using the 8-bit addition instruction ("addb") on the Intel 80386: a) CF b) SF c) OF d) ZF ================================================================================ 3: Circle which one (1) of the following is the decimal value of the number 0xFC if it is encoded in 8-bit 2's complement binary: a) 252 b) -252 c) 8 d) -8 e) 3 f) -3 g) 4 h) -4 ================================================================================ 4: Compute the following hexadecimal sum: 0x789A 0x789A + 0x789A--------...
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