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quiz4 - 3 Circle which of the following(it could be any...

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CS 220: Computer Systems II: Architecture and Programming Fall 2009 - Section A0 Quiz #4 - 2009/10/26 Name: ______________________________ ================================================================================ 1: Circle which one (1) of the following is the register where the result will be after the full, exact, instruction "faddp" is executed: a) %st(0) b) %st(1) c) %st(2) d) %eax e) %st(3) f) %st(4) g) %st(5) h) %edx ================================================================================ 2: Circle which one (1) of the following would be the standard bias used to encode an 11-bit biased-notation number: a) 0x400 b) 0x3FE c) 0x3FF d) 0x200 e) 0x800 f) 0x7FE g) 0x7FF h) 0x1FF ================================================================================
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Unformatted text preview: 3: Circle which of the following (it could be any number of them) are differences between the "fdiv" and "fdivr" FPU instructions: a) The order of the operation b) The encoding of the result c) The destination register d) The source register ================================================================================ 4: Circle which one (1) of the following is the decimal representation of the number 0xC0200000 - assuming that value is the hexadecimal representation of a number in 32-bit IEEE floating point format (1 sign bit, 8 biassed exponent bits with a bias of 127, and 23 fractional mantissa bits): a) 2.5 b) 2.25 c) -2.5 d) -2.25 e) 0.5 f) 0.25 g) -0.5 h) -0.25 i) 12.01 j) 120.1 k) -12.01 l) -120.1...
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