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Table 1 Investigation Results Gabriela Lopez Allysa Carrillo Roxsand Neff Investigation 11 March 9, 2010 What is the pH of the soil? Introduction Soil pH is referred to as the "acidity" of the soil and is measured by the number of Hydrogen ions present in the soil solution. Soil pH, is one of the principal influences for good or bad in soil. In many cases, soil pH is the key to proper plant growth, and a reading of soil acidity can tell you much about what is going on beneath the surface of your garden. A lab group was chosen by the Country Agricultural Extension Service to determine the pH of some soil samples and the effect of various additives on the pH of these soils. The lab groups goals included developing a method of finding how acidic or basic the unknown soil sample is, find the pH of the acidic soil and basic soil with several additives. The technique the group used was using the litmus papers on each type of soil sample, all three types, and afterwards using the Bromcresol purple. The team relied on the fact that blue litmus paper turns red when it is placed in an acid but remains blue if it is a base. The same goes for red litmus paper only it will turn blue if the solution is a base and remain red if it is an acid. The alternative method the team used was the Bromcresol purple. The Bromcresol purple
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is a purple liquid that will change colors depending on the solution. The Bromcresol purple changes to yellow if the solution is an acid but the Bromcresol purple changes to a dark violet if the solution is a base. If the Bromcresol purple changes green then the solution was neutral. Procedures
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investigation 11 - Gabriela Lopez Table Car rillo Allysa 1...

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