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1805 confederationoftherhine1806

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Unformatted text preview: l System (1806) Battle of Austerlitz (Dec. 1805) Confederation of the Rhine (1806) Battle of Jena (1806): Prussia defeated Battle of Ferdinand (1807): Russia defeated Treaty of Tilsit Holy Roman Empire Abolished Prussia joined the Third Coalition La Guerre de l'Empereur La Guerre de l'Empereur Nelson Nelson Trafalgar Trafalgar Creating of the French Creating of the French Empire Napoleonic Code Equality before the law Property rights and freedoms Constitutions New nobility Hereditary distinctions removed Noble and Ecclesiastical courts abolished Feudal dues abolished Guilds abolished Churches subordinated to the state Fall of Napoleon Fall of Napoleon Continental system The Peninsular War (1808) Invasion of Russia (1812) Battle of Borodino (1812) Fourth Coalition Battle of the Nations (Leipzig, 1813) Elba B...
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