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Unformatted text preview: Restoration Europe, 1815-48 Restoration Post-Napoleonic Settlement Post-Napoleonic End of Napoleon’s domination in Europe Congress of Vienna (1814-15) Alexander I (of Russia) Prince Metternich (of Austria) Holly Alliance Congress System Concert of Europe Congress of Vienna Congress Clemens von Metternich Clemens 1773 - 1859 “The Age of Metternich” (1815-48) Conservative ideology Autocracy Autocracy Liberal and Nationalist Movements Liberal Liberal Movements Liberal Liberalism Industrial Revolution Social Changes Urbanization The middle class Political liberalism Economic liberalism: Laissez fare Economic Revolutionary revolt in Spain (1820) Revolutionary Ferdinand II Cortes Decembrist Revolt in Russia (1825) Revolution in France (1830) Charles X overthrown Louis Philippe (the bourgeois king) Parliamentary reform in Britain (1832) Nationalism Romanticism Romanticism folk Nationalist Movements Nationalist uprising in Serbia (1804) Nationalist revolt in Greece (1821) Burschenschaften Carlsbad Decrees (1832) Nationalist revolt in Poland (1830-31) Sejm Nicholas I (of Russia) Nationalist uprising in Belgium (1832) Habsburg Empire Habsburg Ottoman Empire, 1699 Ottoman Ottoman Empire, decline Ottoman European Russian Empire European ...
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